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Course Introduction

  Target Learners: Businessmen and other people with business communication needs

  Project Objectives: help the students improve their communicative competence in Business Chinese and achieve their career development goals

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Independent Study

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Student Testimonials

  Kwanklaw    Thai student

Hello! I am Kwanklaw, coming from Thailand. I’ve studied Chinese for 4 years. I started the Online Business Chinese courses in Beijing Language and Culture University since 2018. This is my first time to try an online course. I didn't have confidence in online learning at first, because I didn't know how to study online. However, after half a year of studying online, I realized that this is a very good way for me to learn Chinese. Compared with the previous Chinese courses I’ve had, this course saves me a lot of time. I can take the course that suits my Chinese level at any time. And the learning software is also easy to use. It is available on computer, phone and iPad.

Now I’ve finished level 6 and level 7 of the course, which are of great help to me. I can feel my Chinese are improved on many aspects, such as vocabulary, grammar, and conversation. I can also use the sentences that I learned from the texts to negotiate with Chinese clients. I want to thank all the teachers for their patience. They help me correct my assignments every week.

I would like to continue my study here, and of course, I will recommend the course to my colleagues and friends.

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